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This thrilling story has everything: history, love, tragedy, family loyalty, deception, betrayal, danger, and the special bond between twins.


Here are a few of the rave reviews:


Prism Magazine: ‘Brilliant’


East & West Magazine: ‘A riproaring tale of internet skulduggery’.

Peter Pilot:
 ‘History, politics, travel, intrigue, downright crookery and romance! What more can you ask for?’

Juan Miguel Fiol Guiscafré: (Professor of Philology at the University of the Balearic Islands):  ‘A real page-turner…..I have been touched by the author’s familiarity with Mallorcan geography, history and customs.’

John Andrew:  ‘This story keeps you guessing…… Picturesque and exotic settings and picaresque and glamorous characters add much colour.’

Astrid Kinlow:
‘I found the premise of the story, based on the origins of navigation in Mallorca, absolutely fascinating, and a unique idea.’


‘Navegator’ is an action novel with a difference.  At its centre is a twenty-first century Mallorcan family. The story follows a brilliant scientist, Vasco Valseca, who is furious when a hacker steals from his bank account.  With the help of intuition inherited from his forebear, a legendary Mallorcan navigator, he creates a unique computer program to pinpoint the culprit’s location.  Sinister forces learn of his discovery and will stop at nothing to get hold of his priceless program for sale to a government or terrorist group.  And so the evil schemes begin.  The fast moving plot takes the reader to many other countries too, in a tangle of love, loyalty and misunderstanding - all leading up to a nail-biting conclusion.


Do yourself a favour and read ‘Navegator’ - then you will realise that there must be a sequel.  You could win £100 by submitting a credible follow-on.  Just click on ‘Navegator – the Sequel’ Competition above to learn more…… You don’t even need to own a copy!  Borrow one (from friend or library) but, of course, you can buy the book; just click here for details/options.





Win £100 Cash!


You have a chance to win the £100 cash prize in a competition to devise the first pages of a credible opening for a sequel to ‘Navegator’.  Details are on the Competition Page; to access this, click here.


Philip Purser will lead the judging panel.  He has enjoyed a distinguished career in journalism and is the author of several books, notably the action novels ‘Night of Glass’ and ‘Lights in the Sky’.

Philip Purser


About the author


An avid reader and a compulsive writer, author Geoffrey Iley has travelled widely and given talks in several countries. Over the years he has developed a special love for Mallorca, the setting for much of this fast-moving novel.  He lives in Towcester, Northamptonshire, where he has served as town councillor and Mayor.


Geoffrey Iley
Geoffrey Iley

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